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Plan B is brought to you by the team at Orb, a creative agency based in the heart of the UK.

Plan B is a shortened, stripped back version of standard agency processes to help businesses quickly seize new opportunities, re-shape and relaunch existing brands so they can grab market share and blast off from their competition.

Sprint Days

Sprint Days are the days our Plan B experts are dedicated to your business. We don’t work away for weeks and present something at the end. We show our clients as we go, day-by-day.

It’s about rough thoughts in the morning, tweaks around lunch, and finalising by end of play.

How we get there may be a little rough around the edges but it’s all about identifying and delivering breakthrough ideas that work, quickly.

Your brand strategy is the articulation of who you are, what you do, and how you do it. It helps differentiate you from your competitors, connect to your audiences, and define and deliver the right experience.

Your brand identity brings to life your brand strategy, instantly creating connotations about who you are, what you do and the experience you deliver. It should help you establish brand recognition and loyalty by being both consistent and engaging.

No matter what you sell and who you sell it to, using social media as a marketing tool can help you grow your brand and your bottom line. Getting social media right is critical, if you’re not well set up and managed, you’ve lowered your performance ceiling. Social has one initial sprint - a social audit that leads to further bespoke sprints.

Your website is often the first place a prospect encounters your business, it needs to leave a positive impression. At a minimum, it needs to load fast, have high quality content and be optimised for lead generation and conversions. Equally your digital marketing campaigns need to be performing at the highest level to deliver you the best ROI. Our digital audit sprint reviews your current performance and sets out further bespoke sprints.

Your CRM is a critical business tool and you need it to be working as effectively as possible This audit will give you independent, expert advice to ensure you have the best CRM strategy for your business needs.

A taste of success

A recent lead generation campaign we ran for our client Veganiish aimed to drive downloads of their mobile app.

Our campaign delivered 101% above target with an 18% conversion rate and a CPA of £1.19 per download.

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